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This parts combination will give you the best possible performance on intel platform with current part availability

Currently an approximate 2 week wait time for your build to ship

Cpu- 14900k
Motherboard- z790 gaming wifi II
Gpu- Asus, Msi, or Gigabyte
Memory- 2x16 7200 hynix ram with aftermarket improved heat dissipating covers
Storage- samsung 1tb 980 pro or 2tb 990 pro 
PSU- EVGA G+ or Corsair RME 1200 -1300w (or better)
CPU AIO- nzxt elite 360mm
Case fans- Lian li sl inf fans x13
Strimers- Lian Li V2 24 pin and GPU (Optional)
CPU DELID- average 15C cpu temp drop on all cores. (optional)
Windows - 11 pro custom gaming windows (if you dont want this, send an email or message that you want a stock windows) 

What is cpu delidding and should I get it? 
Cpu delid is a process where we tear the cpu apart and replace the stock solder between the CPU die and the IHS with a liquid metal that is better at transferring the heat to the IHS which results in better cpu temperatures. This will allow for better stability, higher clock speeds (more frames), less power consumption and the degradation of the CPU will be slower. The cpu will be resealed and should retain its manufacturer warranty.

Comes with a complete system stability testing, overclock and windows optimization. 

*PLEASE NOTE; current photos are not an exact copy of what your PC will look like, but a very close example and idea to base them off of from some previous builds we have done.*